Restoration work

The Friends of St George's have a purpose to support the maintenance and restoration of this magnificent Grade 1 listed church. A sandstone church set on the seafront of the North East coast of England suffers serious wear and tear and restoration is generally ongoing.


Current Restoration:

There are currently no major plans for restoration other than  the ongoing cost and work to maintain general wear and tear to stonework and fabric.  


Previous Major Restoration:

1994: Repairs to the spire and tower,  two south clerestory windows, the big window in the choir vestry, the great west window and turrets. Completed in 1995 at a cost of £190,000.

2009: The Church Roof was renewed for the first time owing to nail rot and worn timbers. The total cost of this work completed in 2011 was £250,000. This work took place during the 125th Anniversary of the Church and the Friends made a major contribution to fund raising and generating grants.   

2013: The removal of the Lady Chapel and 2 apse windows to replace worn lead to alleviate rain which poured through these windows when the wind and rain came from a North Easterly direction. This work commenced in September 2013 and was completed by December 2013.  The Friends contributed towards the cost of £22,000 for this work. 

2013: Stonework fell from the tower and went through the newly restored South Aisle Roof. Repairs have now been made to the roof and steeplejacks have made safe all stonework on the tower. The Friends have contributed towards the cost of this work. 

2015: The Vestries have been rewired - a necessary task owing to the unsafe condition of old wiring. 

2015: Thanks to a gift from a late benefactor who was a Friend of St Georges, the south porch has now been enclosed.    

2016: Re-wiring of the Baptistry and the North & South Porches completes the full re-wiring of the church.