Education & Youth

The Friends of St Georges has always been concerned about Education and in particular the education of young people who enter our church.

We fully support the opportunities sanctioned by the Parish Church Council given to young people to attend mission events, retreats, pilgrimages as well as involvement in music (i.e. the support given to an Organ Scholar) with generous financial help for all of these from the Cullercoats Educational Trust.

The Friends take an active part in Heritage Open Days when an exhibition is mounted and local schools are invited into the building.  We provide quiz sheets (seek and search) for young people to raise their awareness of the building and it's purpose.

Marden High School have worked closely with the Church and North Tyneside Council on a World War Project providing research to update records and the Church War Memorial. This task was completed with the re-dedication of the War Memorial inside the church in 2016.