Chairman's Report 2015

Chairman’s Report 2015

After the activity of the year ending March 2014 with the work on the East end of the church, this last year’s activity has been a great deal lighter. The Committee has met regularly and kept a watching brief on the work of the “Friends”. Support has been given to the Parish in helping with the costs relating to work done on testing pulleys and wires for the font cover and sanctuary lamps. Most of the cost was to cover scaffolding. This is an intermittent cost and the parish authorities were very grateful as it was a little unexpected, but necessary to cover the usual Health and Safety issues.

The book sale was held as usual and we had a Christmas Fair which was very successful. Thanks must be made to everyone who helped especially the ladies who rallied round and virtually ran the whole event. One consequence of this is that Sharon Bain was co-opted on to the committee (whether she liked it or not). She also led the refreshments at the Open Day. Which whilst it cannot be regarded as a success it did raise £150 from the catering and at least one new member.

The President last year challenged us to double the membership and the Committee has attempted to rise to this challenge. There has been a slight increase in membership but I would remind all members that it was not a challenge to the Committee members but to the whole of the membership. We are trying a “free” for a year membership offer in the hope that it will interest outsiders, and we have established a link with The Cullercoats Local History Society especially through the work of Dr. Barke a committee member with us and a member of the Society. Hopefully this will continue. We are also trying to get the message over that this is not a church group, it is not a sub-committee of the Parochial Church Council, we are an independent and in fact secular charity whose existence is to support the maintenance and use of the building which we know as S. Georges Church. This is a point that must be made by all members as in itself it could encourage people who do not wish to be allied to a “religious” organisation but wish to help to support initiatives which enrich and preserve the local environment.

As always the building stands open for visitors and to examine the visitors book is to see old friends who have moved away from the area back to visit, visitors from all over the world, people of different religious backgrounds both Christian and non-Christian and by their remarks in the book they find that this is a special “place”. Long may this continue and the Parish Authorities keep the doors open.

This is a remarkable building and I like the words of Anthony Quiney when he describes the church in his seminal work on Pearson as “through its simplicity and proportions, the interior has an almost archaically classical feeling. So does the exterior, partly because of its symmetrical plan.” This is a great building we all love and cherish and for me it is a great privilege to be associated with the protection and enrichment of it for future generations.


Gordon Wightman

Hon Chairman