Presidents Report 2018

President’s Report 2018 Last year I wrote that it had been quiet, not least in terms of our building work. I think I ought to have realized that such a statement always tempts fate. The vagaries of a church so exposed to the elements of wind, rain and salt all take their toll. You may remember that we had to do some emergency work a little while ago on the decorative pilasters around the tower. Last year while exploring an ingress of water in the south side of the sanctuary, the steeplejacks not only reported on some pieces of severely eroded stonemasonry, but perhaps more worryingly, the state of the pilasters around the apse. We have had to undertake further emergency work to secure these. Even while this was progressing, we realized that during this year we shall also have to resurface the flat vestry roof, and repair a loose window in the north aisle. Thankfully, we have accumulated some funds over the past three years from some very generous donations and some legacies which have enabled us to undertake the work without calling on the Friends to any very major extent. Our limited funds will be all but exhausted by the time we complete these repairs, so we may well be looking to the Friends for assistance for what comes next. Thankfully the financial position of the Friends is more robust than for many years. I am pleased to learn of the planned fundraising efforts for this year too. Serving refreshments at the three Northern Sinfonia concerts should prove a very fruitful source of income, in addition to the generous support from the Backworth Male Voice Choir Concert. As I have said in past years, the contribution of the Friends is a huge benefit to us. I am not sure how we would manage without you and keep the building in good order. So thank you for all your hard work and your generosity. It means so much, not least as a source of encouragement, and enables us to consider some of the ongoing work of restoring and maintaining the fabric of the building with a renewed sense of confidence. Thank you. Canon Adrian Hughes Vicar of St. George’s Church, Cullercoats