President's Report 2017

President’s Report 2017


In terms of our building this has been a quiet year for us. The last stage of our re-wiring was finally completed which was a great relief to all concerned. It is another ‘invisible’ part of the fabric which is of vital significance but not obvious to the eye of most of the folk who wander into the church, or even those who worship here regularly. With one minor exception, all the work on our last quinquennial inspection has been completed and we must now wait until our architect surveys the building next year.


There are two projects pending, one of which I hope we might complete before the architect returns for the full inspection, and the other we wish to ‘carry over’ until the next five year period. We hope to be able to complete disabled access to the south porch entrance. We should like to find charitable support for the venture, but it is not yet certain that we shall succeed. The other project (the ‘minor exception’ mentioned above) is to replace the access ladder to the tower which our architect, who is no lover of heights, regards with increasing trepidation every time he visits. The reason for the delay is that if our project to restore our peal of bells proves a real possibility, then it will be done as part of that project. In the event that the project is simply not a realistic possibility then we will need to reconsider.


Equally, we do not know what our quinquennial will contain. No further work on the external stonework has been completed for several years and remedial action may now be required, but we have no idea how extensive, and therefore how expensive that will be.


So it is a time to quietly garner our funds in preparation for the requests for assistance that will no doubt be required in this next chapter of our journey. It gives me the opportunity once more to say thank you for all your efforts. It is of enormous encouragement to know that we can call upon the Friends to support us in these endeavours, not least because your prompt support encourages others to contribute to the cause in turn.


So thank you for all your hard work and your generosity. It means so much, not least as a source of encouragement, and enables us to consider some of the ongoing work of restoring and maintaining the fabric of the building with a renewed sense of confidence. Thank you.



Canon Adrian Hughes

Vicar of St. George’s Church, Cullercoats