Chairman's Report 2017



This is a short report as Fr. Adrian has said most of what is relevant in the President’s Report and it seems silly to repeat everything twice. We are as he said garnering funds and awaiting for next year’s Quinquennial Report and see what that brings.


Fr. Adrian has referred to the ‘Bells Project’ which has not been dormant for the last few months. A great deal of ‘backroom’ work has been done with a structural survey and correspondence with Taylors, the bell founding firm. Originally, we were looking to both Taylors and Whitechapel Bell Founders for quotes but, as some may know, Whitechapel has ceased trading. They may set up a new factory later. As it is Taylor’s quote was the most acceptable. We have also arranged for training for ringers to start and we have one ringer in training and two interested. Of course, we need more so if anyone is interested or knows anyone that might be please let us know. Although the Friends are not financially involved with this project, it has been put under our umbrella to benefit from our Charitable Status about application for grants. As things stand now it will probably remain quiet for the next few months until the Quinquennial when it is likely the Architect will have concerns about the present situation of the bells which could open the door for the project. It is a case of ‘watch this space’.


I must thank the committee for their continued work and all the members for their continued support.


Gordon Wightman, Chairman. .